Grounding Natural Body Mist 250ml


Our specially blended pure essential oils create a spicy, warm fragrance which immediately refreshes the senses.

Clove oil helps reduce mental exhaustion and fatigue, while Patchouli and Cedarwood help calm stress and anxiety.

Our sweetly scented woody mist appeals to both women and men. When applying, try focusing on being present in the moment; grounding yourself for greater emotional balance.

We suggest spraying several times onto back of wrists and neck. Refresh as needed during the day/ night.

Our natural ingredient Body Mist makes a beautiful alternative to fragrances made with synthetic ingredients.

 Also available in handy 50ml travel size.

"I have been really loving your new Grounding Body Mist. Great for the body but also for spraying in my room, to ground me and bring me back to the present moment. It has been great to keep a spray nearby during Covid when I am working from home. Thank you."
Martin, Vic

"The Denu grounding mist is unique. I love the sensual, heady combination of cedar wood and clove. Perfect for the home space that has come to be the combined office space." Lyn, Vic

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