Sumptuous Body Salt Scrub -currently out of stock

For amazingly smooth skin.

Our Sumptuous Salt Scrub beautifully exfoliates, revealing healthy new layers of soft, smooth, glowing skin; at the same time moisturising and protecting skin with 6 super hydrating oils. Regular exfoliating can help improve circulation, increase the skin's ability to remain hydrated and is a fabulous way to feel renewed and refreshed.

Using natural and pure essential oils of geranium, orange, mandarin and lavender, this classy fragrance balances woody undertones with fresh, sweet, floral top notes. Our superb scent combination can help reduce stress, lift your mood and leaves your skin smelling absolutely sumptuous.

'What can I say your scrub is the best. I’ve tried lots of others but my skin never felt softer, smoother or more healthy than when I use yours.' Clare, Mill Park, Vic

"I honestly had withdrawals when I ran out of Sumptuous Body Scrub,l just can't wait to get my hands on some more - perfect now spring is here & my little arms will be out & about. I love starting my day with it, religiously. Thank you X""-Shelley, Clifton Hill, Vic

Made with natural ingredients

Salt, rice bran, rice bran oil, glycerine, coconut oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, essential oils of Geranium, Orange, Lavender, Mandarin, macadamia oil, sweet almond oil, cranberry 2000, bamboo & Vitamin E.

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