NEW Alluring Gift Pack


Create your own day spa experience at home for smooth, soft, hydrated skin and a calm mind.

Our fresh, citrus pure essential oil blend of Rosemary, Geranium, Cedarwood, Orange and Lemon helps to lift your mood and reduce stress

Enjoy soaking in the bath with our Alluring Bath Salts made with natural epsom salts for a relaxing and effective way to relieve tired muscles.

Our 100% Coconut Oil Massage Bar nurtures and gently cleanses skin, leaving it smelling amazing. The perfect size to massage into shoulder blades and rub along the back of your neck under a warm shower to help you de stress.

Follow with Alluring Body Oil for smooth, soft, deeply nourished  skin that smells beautiful. 

For an instant refresh, our new Alluring Body Mist delivers our beautiful light fragrance bringing with it cheer and positivity.

Adding to your denu experience and appealing to your senses, savour our smooth and velvety Milk Chocolate Bar with fragrant orange, aromatic Australian wattleseed and roasted coffee made for denu by our friends at Monsieur Truffe,  Melbourne.

Our popular Alluring scent appeals to everyone.

Made in Melbourne.

Enjoy x 


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