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Sumptuous Salt Scrub beautifully exfoliates, revealing healthy new layers of soft, smooth, glowing skin; at the same time moisturising and protecting skin with 6 super hydrating oils. 

Using natural and pure essential oils of geranium, orange, mandarin and lavender, this classy fragrance balances woody undertones with fresh, sweet, floral top notes. Our superb scent combination can help reduce stress, lift your mood and leaves your skin smelling absolutely sumptuous. 

Follow with Luscious Body Lotion which contains cocoa butter to moisturise and soothe skin as well as aloe vera which helps maintain skins moisture balance.

Vanilla lip balm soothes and protects lips and these gorgeous products come in a fully lined, handmade cosmetic bag.


Sumptuous Body Scrub x 400gm
Luscious Body Lotion x 400gm
Luscious Vanilla Lip Balm x 10gm
Ivory handmade fully lined cosmetic bag

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