Relaxing Natural Room Mist 50ml

Enjoy our Relaxing Pillow & Room Mist with its pure essential oil blend of lavender to assist with peaceful sleep and eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon and geranium to clear your mind and open your airways.

This has been incredibly popular since it's release in 2017! Popular with women, men and children.

Spray several times above your pillow at bedtime and try the following special breathing exercise on the label. Ideal to make a new space your own, to refresh the space you are in or to brighten a room while travelling.

Our Relaxing Room Mist 50ml travel size can also be found as part of our 'Travel Pack' & 'On Tour Pack' both found in our 'Gifts' section.

"This is my favourite room mist! I even used it in hospital during my labour with my daughter and it created the most calming and soothing atmosphere." Michelle, Vic

"I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an incredible and relaxing room spray. It's truly like a little reset button. When I spray it it reminds me to breathe and come back to the moment.  I have a full size spray for home and a mini that I take wherever I go to.I wish you great success in your business I will certainly be ordering again. Warm wishes", Paula, Vic

"Hello. My kids are addicted to "the spray" and need three sprays each before bed. Love the product and have been recommending it! Will be placing a new order ....getting low and need house to smell nice! One bottle per room - not negotiable!!!" Tom, Brunswick, Vic


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