Cassie is a very well endowed friend of mine – an 'all natural woman', so natural she'd like a breast reduction... We were being picked up by Lindy, a friend of ours, for a girl's night out. As background Cassie has a 2 door Hyundai, at the time, I had a two door Lancer and Cassie's sister also had a small two door car...

Lindy arrived to pick us up and we all headed to the carpark. As Lindy and I were talking, Cassie tries to get in Lindy's car and suddenly we hear her saying 'oh my god, how big have my boobs got?' and a few noises of struggling and a definite curse word or two. Lindy and I turn around to see what the drama is and see Cassie getting into the car via pulling forward the front seat - as you would do for a 2 seater car! Lindy and l immediately burst into hysterical laughter. Cassie gets very indignant and says 'shut up and help me, my boobs are too big to get past the seat', to which I could only say through tears and trying not to pee my pants "Lindy's car has four doors!"

by Cassie

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