Italian Bathing


On holiday in Italy and staying at the beautiful Fonteverde Natural Spring Resort in Tuscany it was time to rejuvenate and bathe in one of the many warm natural spring water pools. My then boyfriend (BF) and I viewed the large public pool with many jets and tumbling waters, but thought best to relax in the area designated to hotel guests.

On entering the pool area we passed a European couple relaxing in the larger pool before the BF and I decided on the small shallower wading pool in the distance with the hot spring water running into it. I proceed to sit in the shallows and splash warm soothing water over my legs and torso, the BF continues with his mobile calls.

Conscious of the time, I depart to freshen up for a hotel inspection (this is a work visit!). Kindly I am escorted around the hotel and then around the pools, this time with an explanation of the operations and purpose of the varying pools. After exploring the public area we adjourn up to the hotel guest's area. Here my escorting companion proceeds to say '...and the small pool in the distance is our pet pool'. My eyes baulk and I ask where the signs are explaining all this, it is there but in Italian not English. Gulfing for a breath I decide its best to keep my experience of bathing in the 'pet pool' to myself!

by Karen Goudge,
Spa Travel

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