mirror, mirror

Many years ago, I spent 7 days on Hamilton Island, Queensland, with my then partner. After 7 days of relaxation and much drinking I decided that a massage would be a lovely idea before flying home and back to work. It was the first time I'd had an hour long massage and was unaware of the impact of the release of toxins, etc. Upon finishing the massage, I sat up and felt really woozy. The massage therapist told me to take my time, gave me a glass of water and left the room. I really felt quite awful. I noticed a mirror at the end of the room and clad only in my knickers I crossed to the mirror to see if I looked as bad as I felt. 

The strangest things happened. There was no reflection in the mirror! In my clearly weakened state I reasoned that it must be one of those trick mirrors that you have to sneak up on! So a couple of times I moved really rapidly into the mirrors space trying desperately to catch my reflection before it disappeared in the trick mirror...! After a few efforts with the trick mirror, sanity returned and I realised there are no such things. I refocussed, stared into the mirror and noticed a couple of staff sitting in the next room having their lunch at the kitchen table. They must have wondered what this crazy woman was doing as she kept jumping in front of the window.

by Anonymous