well, hello there!

Recently I visited a large department store to purchase some track suit pants. After waiting alongside men and women in the long queue, I was allocated a change room near the entrance. I quickly set about stripping off my jeans and stepping into the first pair of tracksuit pants. I had only just stood up (after the required bending over from stepping into the pants) and looked at my reflection in the mirror and was horrified to see that a gorgeous (!!) young toddler, seated in a pram parked directly outside my change room, had pulled the curtain wide open -exposing me, g-stringed backside, dimples and all, to the crowd of people waiting in the change room queue. All I could say when I turned around was 'well hello there!!' and then spent a very long time trying and re-trying tracksuit pants to avoid having to face anyone who had just viewed my bum!!

P.S. I did not buy any tracksuit pants that day...

by Anonymous