NEW Alluring Body Oil x 230ml

For smooth, soft and deeply hydrated skin that smells beautiful, this is for you.

Combining natural oils renowned for their effectiveness in penetrating skin to restore its natural moisture balance, Alluring Body Oil leaves skin hydrated, soft and supple, with a gorgeous healthy lustre and incredible scent.

Pure and natural essential oils including rosemary, geranium, cedarwood, orange and lemon are blended for a fresh, light scent suitable for both women and men.

For a fabulous all over body hydration, apply in the shower. Massage into wet skin then gently pat dry after showering. Ideal to be used after the shower on warm, damp skin or as a gorgeous massage oil. For best results, use daily.

If you're new to Body Oil, you only need a small amount in your palm, this amount goes a long way. Body Oil is absorbed into skin making it super effective to hydrate. Try it and make sure to let us know your thoughts, we love  hearing your feedback x

Made in Melbourne.

Our NEW Alluring Pack is COMING SOON !

*Bath Salts 

*Body Oil

*100% Coconut Massage Bar

*Body Mist (coming soon!)

*Chocolate Bar with Candied Orange, Coffee and Australian Wattleseed made specially for denu by clever Monsieur Truffe, Lygon St Melbourne.

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