On Hand Pack - Hand Sanitiser

Helping you and your loved ones stay well x

A size for all of your needs -

50ml x 4  - great when you're at work/ picking up groceries 

240ml x 2 - one in each car

500ml x 1 - on the kitchen bench/ handy to refill the 50ml bottles

Our Hand Sanitiser kills 99.9% of germs on your hands without the need for water. Enjoy our refreshing scent, featuring Australian native lemon myrtle, lemongrass & lime.

Contains 70% alcohol. Made in Melbourne.

Deliveries in Australian only. Shipping NOW.


"denu I’d like to congratulate you on this hand sanitiser. It is by far the nicest I have used. The texture is just right and the subtle scents of lemon myrtle and other lovely essential oils are, as with all of your products, spot on. The 500ml bottle is sitting perfectly in the coffee cup holder in my car and has even graced the coffee cup holder on the supermarket trolley!" Mandee, Vic

"Congratulations Sarah on your new Denu hand sanitiser. It has the perfect consistency, the scent is fresh and soothing and it leaves my hands feeling clean and dry. It is best one I have tried! I have a small 50ml bottle in my handbag and a 500ml on the kitchen bench. Thank you!" Jen, Vic

"Being an essential service at the moment hygiene is of paramount importance and Denu hand sanitiser is great and in all the vehicles we have on the road.We apply before and after every call. Highly recommend." Paul, Ashwood, Vic

"Thank you for the lovely Hand Sanitiser, it's fab. I thought this 50ml size was perfect for my handbag. Well done!" Robyn, Vic

"The Hand Sanitiser is brilliant! Great job!" Lucy, Vic

Offer available for individual orders only, not applicable for wholesale/ corporate orders nor with any discount vouchers.

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