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Our past, our present.

denu can best be described as an emotion. Wonder. Discovery. Self-Love. Appreciation. Joy. Contentment. Celebration. It’s all of these things, and more. In practice, it’s a beautiful hair, body, and home range that translates that feel-good feeling into an experience that can be enjoyed every day. In purpose, it’s a heart-led transformation of the mundane everyday moments into a mindful ritual - imbued with a sense (or scents!) of self.

About the founder

In my past life, I was a Sales & Marketing Manager at a global company, living a jet-set lifestyle. It was fun and l was fortunate to travel to 10+ countries, and with that, spent countless nights in hotel rooms. All I wanted after a long day of meetings was a moment to unwind, but alas, chemical-laden, synthetic-scented hotel soaps did nothing for my mood, and the mass-produced shampoo and conditioner were never going near my naturally curly hair. After my son was born, I closed the chapter of my decade-long career and embarked on a new one, with a singular focus on making a positive difference. My philosophy hasn’t changed since day one: To create a beautiful life for people by elevating simple routines into symbolic rituals that uplift the mind, body, and senses. I feel my best when I reach for my products; it’s my daily ritual to start my day positively, to calm my mind after a long day. I have the most sensitive nose (as does my son and daughter!) so synthetic scents are a no-go for our household.

The denu feeling

Every denu product is made in Australia using high-quality, natural ingredients and pure essential oils. We’re mindful of what our skin absorbs, and what the environment can sustain. It’s always been this way since the beginning. A need to do better. At its core, denu connects to people beyond skin deep. The essence of the brand is our emotive scent blends - they are so intertwined with the denu feeling; it’s what our incredibly loyal and passionate community continue to come back for.

Where to next?

Unearth denu’s sustainability ethos and learn about our carefully curated essential oils. Get inspired by a day with denu. When you’re ready, discover our natural hair care, body care, and home scents. Remember, I’m only one click away – contact me any time!

With gratitude,

Sarah x



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