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Explore our signature scent blends

Welcome to the denu virtual aromatherapy day spa menu. Here you’ll find our signature scent blends, their essential oil properties, and why we love them. Peruse our collections - pause & exhale - and choose the one for you…


Lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, lemon, geranium.

Our top selling scent blend. A refreshing yet sweet, clean yet herbal blend designed to relieve stress and restore vitality. Keep calm, clear your mind, open your airways.


Lemon myrtle, lime, lemongrass, orange, cedarwood, rosemary.

A light and fruity citrus medley, with a refreshing aroma. This blend takes a good mood, and uplifts it – helping you to glide through life.


Ylang ylang, nutmeg, patchouli, ginger, geranium.

Powerfully floral, warm & woody, with a hint of spice. This aromatic blend is rich and intense, to inspire feelings of strength, stability and soothing. Perfect for slowing down, reducing stress, and igniting passion.


Orange, lime, peppermint.

Fresh, sweet citrus with a zesty aroma. Wake up your senses with a blend that stimulates joy, alleviates anxiety, and helps you feel clear headed. Ideal for the moment you realise you’re taking life too seriously.


Patchouli, cedarwood, vertivert, amyris, geranium, ylang ylang...

Woody and earthy in nature - this rich, slightly sweet symphony of aromas is designed to relax and centre your mind. Its grounding ability has a stabilising effect, lowering stress and promoting sound sleep. Like a lullaby for your senses.


Rosemary, geranium, cedarwood, orange, lemon.

A bright blend that combats negativity, with sweet citrus to promote a balanced mindset. Like a cheerful warm hug for your soul, and a breath of fresh air for your mind.


Clove, Patchouli, Cedarwood.

A sweet and spicy impression that is rich in aroma and comes with a wealth of mental benefits. Not only will your stresses melt away, your mind will be rid of drowsiness, doing a dynamic dance full of energy.

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