Celebrating 2 years alcohol free

Celebrating 2 years alcohol free

by Sarah Fisher February 27, 2024 0 Comments

Today’s a big day! It’s my son Tommy’s 18th birthday and I couldn’t be more proud of the path he is creating for his life and the choices he is making for his health. It has me thinking about my own alcohol-free journey.

I’m two years alcohol-free.

This is a big deal for me - l wanted to break a habit that was no longer serving me. I feel better for it too - calmer, clear headed and have more energy. I’m also aware two of my favourite people in the world are watching me - and as l often remind Tom and my 14 yo daughter Anja - actions speak louder than words.

I decided to go alcohol-free after reading a post from @chrissieswan that struck a chord with me. She mentioned she was having a break from alcohol and made me think l might try that too.

l recently found @awomancalledgeorge who said she doesn’t miss the ‘constant chatter’ in her mind around drinking - l agree 100%.

My lovely and wise friend told me “Personal growth is about awareness and choice, and I think taking ownership of how we choose to live and making changes that serve us is so admirable.”

Here’s to making the best choices we can and changing habits that no longer serve us.

Since my original social media post on this topic so many people have reached out so l share these tools that helped me:

  • I started with Febfast - having a month where drinking ‘just isn’t an option’ was a clear start for me and gave me an easy answer when asked if l was out and offered a wine ‘oh, no thanks, l’m doing Febfast.
  • This Naked Mind - offers an app and you can listen to daily discussions (10 mins per day) on the impact of alcohol and benefits of cutting down.
  • Reading ‘Alcohol Explained’
  • Someone suggested still using a lovely wine glass but fill it with mineral water and fresh lemon slices and ice. So you’re still sipping a drink whilst cooking dinner, just change what’s in the glass ...
Have you tried going alcohol free for a while? What's your experience?

Sarah Fisher
Sarah Fisher