denu small business award

We won an award!

by Sarah Fisher February 27, 2024 0 Comments

I'm absolutely thrilled - we can now call ourselves an award winning business as denu won the 2023 Whitehorse Excellence in Business Award - Micro Business Sustainability!

“Denu is an outstanding example of a company that seamlessly blends beautiful, high-quality products with a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. Their exquisite products for hair, body and the home not only captivate the senses but also bear the hallmark of conscious, eco-friendly practices.

From their thoughtfully designed minimal, recycled and recyclable packaging to their responsible sourcing of natural and organic ingredients, every detail reflects their unwavering dedication to the planet. They have reduced their carbon footprint by centralising their operation at a single location, and also prioritise local producers for their production inputs wherever possible, promoting both sustainability and supporting local communities.

denu’s dedication to these eco-conscious principles resulted in it being recognised with the 2023 Whitehorse Excellence in Business Award - Micro Business Sustainability.”

Linda Black, Deakin - Law School

Thank you to Whitehorse Business Group for their recognition and Crown Coaches for sponsoring this award and leading the way in sustainable practices.

Sarah Fisher
Sarah Fisher