A trip down scent memory lane ...

A trip down scent memory lane ...

by Sarah Fisher August 18, 2022 0 Comments

Hi there,

I often think about the connection between our sense of smell, to memory and emotion. The link always seems stronger than any other sense. With Father’s Day being a hop, skip and a jump away - I wanted to share a personal memory.

One of my Dad’s signature scents was Fahrenheit by Dior. That’s the fragrance I associated with him the most. I’ve spoken before of my Dad’s impeccable grooming: always clean cut, aftershave in his daily routine, trimmed nails. His hands were big and soft, and he always held my sister's and my hands (even in our teens - much to our embarrassment).

Sadly, he passed away 19 years ago. Just after, I remember being at the supermarket. A man came up and started unpacking his shopping beside me at the checkout. He was wearing ‘Fahrenheit’ and immediately - it caught me by surprise - I thought of my Dad.

For me, scent is the most powerful memory trigger.

Self-care and aromatherapy are often seen as feminine-centric, but I know first-hand that there are many men who enjoy the feeling of relaxing at home through the power of scent. My Dad was no exception.

We often receive amazing feedback about the scent blends of our Room and Body Mists which make the perfect Father’s Day gift (or for the important male in your life) - for instant relaxation after a long day. Help him recreate a day spa experience without ever stepping foot in the bathtub.

Sarah x

Sarah Fisher
Sarah Fisher